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Attending a Traveling Hot Tub Show? Buy Local... Or Buyer Beware...

Sabine Pools has been building relationships with our loyal customers in South Louisiana since 1974.  We have delivered thousands of hot tubs, and we will be here for a lifetime of service that you can trust:

Hot Tubbing is one of life’s most enjoyable activities! Ask any “hot-tubber” and they’re happy to describe all the benefits – relaxation, soothing pain relief, fighting stress, family or couple downtime – and on and on. Our Hot Spring Spas & Jacuzzi® hot tubs & are the industry’s most trouble-free hot tubs, as well as the most energy efficient. 
Shop for Jacuzzi® in Baton Rouge, and Shop for Hot Spring Spas in Lake Charles and Lafayette. We can’t wait to help you become a “hot tubber”, too.