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Hot Spring Spas Prism®

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Hot Spring Spas Prism®

The largest spa in the Hot Spring® Limelight® Collection, Prism® seats seven adults and features a relaxing lounge, plus an Adirondack-style seat with wrist, calf, and foot therapy jets.

Pricing Guide*
Luxury       $$$$$     $13,000    and up
                  $$$$       $11,000    $12,999
Premium    $$$         $9,000      $10,999
                  $$           $7,000      $8,999
Value         $               up to       $6,999 
*Dealers have sole discretion to set actual prices, which will vary based on options, accessories, installation costs, destination/delivery charges, finance charges, taxes, and other local factors.



The Prism® Jet System offers an incredible 73 jets that relieve tension in targeted areas including your back, neck, shoulders, and feet.

Seating  7 Adults
Lounge  Yes
Size  7’7” x 9’2” x 38”
Pricing  $$$$$

The footwell includes a powerful, extra-large jet for enhanced foot and leg massage, along with several precision directional jets in the corner and side seats.

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