Ask these questions before you buy – SABINE POOLS says YES to all:

Are the people you buy your hot tub from the same people who:

1 – deliver your spa?

2 – set up your spa?

3 – train you on how to maintain your spa? 

4 – service your spa?

Do the people that sell you the spa:

5 – offer a full line of accessories or complementary products?

6 – provide ongoing water care products and service?

Additionally, ask yourself these questions:

8 – Will you ever see your salesperson again?

9 – Are they from the local community, go to your churches, support your schools?

10 – Will you get a chance to do a private wet test on the spa you like?

11 – Will they do a free in-home or backyard consultation?

12 – Have they personally worked with local electricians that can hook up your spa?

13 – Are they aware of all the local building and electrical codes?

15 – Can you select a shell/cabinet combination that is not shown?

16 – Can you special order upgrades or accessories?

17 – Do they have reviews, testimonials, and ratings from local customers that they can show you?

18 – Do they have a local website where you can learn more about their company, products, and services?

19 – Do they sell the original Hot Spring Spas brand of hot tub?

20 – Is this a family-owned Louisiana company with local ties to our community?

This list isn’t targeting any company, brand, or salesperson. Our goal is to educate you if you decide to attend one of these events.

When shopping for any high-ticket product, do your research, consider your options, and then make an informed buying decision that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Sabine Pools has been building relationships with our loyal customers in South Louisiana since 1975.  We have delivered thousands of hot tubs, and we will be here for a lifetime of service that you can trust.

Sabine Pools