Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs

Hot Tubbing is one of life’s most enjoyable activities! Ask any “hot tubber” and they’re happy to describe all the benefits – relaxation, soothing pain relief, fighting stress, family or couple downtime – and on and on. Our Hot Spring and Fantasy Spas spas are the industry’s most trouble-free, as well as the most energy-efficient. We will help you select the shape, size, features, and seating capacity best for you, as you rest assured that our hot tubs are backed by the best warranty available.

We are the Hot Spring and Fantasy Spas dealer in Lake Charles and Lafayette. We can’t wait to help you become a “hot tubber”, too! Financing is available (with approved credit).

Sabine Pools Hot Tubs

Replacement Hot Tub Covers

A Hot Spring Cover is designed for maximum energy efficiency. Its tight seal insulates and locks in heat, saving you money on operating costs. Custom-fit, these covers are tapered for water runoff and are made from durable, marine-grade vinyl. All covers include child-resistant safety locks and incorporate the mounting plates necessary for attaching our cover lifter systems. These covers also meet or exceed all ASTM safety standards for UL classification.

Your spa cover is a critical part of achieving the energy efficiency that sets Hot Spring Spas apart. Insist on a genuine replacement cover.

Click here to see the superior craftsmanship of a genuine Hot Spring Cover.

Cover Lifters

A well-designed cover and an easy-to-use lifter are key to efficient hot tub use. Cover lifters make it quick and easy to lift your cover off and on. Our cover lifters also help extend the life of your cover by reducing wear and tear. A variety of cover lifter choices are available so you can choose the one that works best in your space.

Please call your local Sabine Pools store and ask your spa salesperson to help determine which cover lifter to select for your spa, or click here to CONTACT US.

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