How to Care for Pools after Heavy Rains

Heavy rains wreak havoc on your beautiful clear blue pool water. Don’t delay treating it, and you can prevent a small problem from turning into a big issue. Here are steps for getting swimming pools back into pristine shape:

1. Remove any excess water from the pool by backwashing or wasting it through the filter.

2. Test the pool water’s pH, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness (or take about a pint of pool water to your local Sabine Pools for a quick computerized water analysis). Make adjustments as needed.

3. Apply a double dose of a chlorinating shock product such as BioGuard® Smart Shock®. Circulate pool for 24 hours. Monitor the chlorine level for the next 24 hours to ensure you can maintain a 1 – 3ppm level. Add chlorinating shock as needed to maintain levels.

4. After water is balanced and sanitizer levels are stable, you can resume use of the pool.

If heavy rain led to flooding, please follow the steps described in an earlier blog:

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