Maintain Proper Balance in the Summer Heat

Oh, Mr. Sunshine, how do I love thee, let me count the ways!

We are so happy to welcome some good ole South Louisiana hot weather!   It seems so long since we’ve enjoyed the warm sun on our faces.  Even driving down I-10 with the rays beating down (and the A/C blasting) is better now that winter is over!

With Mr. Sunshine’s arrival comes Swim Season (yay!), and with Swim Season comes swimmer wastes (boo!).  Not necessarily as gross as it sounds, the term includes makeup, moisturizers, lotions, suntan oils, hair gel & spray – everyday things we all use.   We can’t live without ‘em, right, but to the pool, they’re contaminants.

Avoid the effect of contaminants by maintaining proper sanitizer levels, either in adding chlorine or salt as needed.  Sunlight, filtration levels, shocking the pool, and those pesky contaminants all influence sanitizer levels.  That’s why it’s important to have your pool water analyzed weekly during Swim Season.   You may need to boost sanitizer efficiency now to keep the pool clear and avoid issues down the road.

We’ll stick with what we do best and leave the beautiful sonnets to Elizabeth Barrett Browning … just count the ways to clear, sparkling blue pool water in 3 easy steps.  Bring us a fresh water sample for a free analysis, and we’ll show you and your pool the love!

For more information, visit your local Sabine Pools, Spas & Furniture store in Lake Charles, Lafayette, or Gonzales LA.

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