Preparing Your Pool When a Storm is Coming

In South Louisiana, we are accustomed to acting quickly to prepare for incoming hurricanes or storms. We rush to get our groceries, supplies, and gasoline and still have time to prep the pool. We hope for best and plan for the worst! Here’s a quick checklist to prepare the pool.

Swimming Pool Storm Prep Steps:
1) Keep the pump running 24/7 to prepare for heavy rains.
2) Get chlorine levels above 5 ppm.
3) Add a one-time dose of Optimizer (1.5 lbs/10,000 gal) to the pool to
improve quality (works with all sanitizer types to add an extra layer of
4) Keep tablets or sticks in the skimmer or feeder, or keep the sanitizer
boost on, because rain will dilute the chlorine level.
5) Secure items around the pool to avoid wind damage.

If you have enough advance warning, bring in a water sample for a free computerized analysis. For more information, contact your nearest Sabine Pools, Spas & Furniture in Lake Charles, Lafayette, or Gonzales LA. We will maintain normal store hours as long as possible during storm prep periods.

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