Foundation of Mineral Springs line
Uses SilkGuard® & SunShield® technology
Prevents scale from forming
Makes water soft and gentle

Adding Beginnings, a proprietary blend of minerals, is the first step in creating a mineral water bathing environment. Its essential elements are needed at start-up and to protect equipment. Beginnings is formulated with ultra pure salt. BioGuard has performed rigorous testing on the salt that goes into Beginnings to be sure that it is of highest quality and will not add unwanted "extras" to the pool water.

Beautifully clear, brilliant, luxurious water that won't irritate eyes or dry skin
An incredible feeling of soothing relaxation as your float in silky water
A natural way to automatically sanitize pool water
Stabilizers prevent free chlorine residual degradation from sunlight
Scale inhibitors help prevent scale and protect your equipment

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