VARIABLE SPEED PUMPS – New D.O.E. Regulations in the News

What does all this talk about a new federal rule for residential pool pumps mean for us in South Louisiana? Primarily, it means that old technology is going the way of dinosaurs and energy-saving Variable Speed Pumps (VSPs) are now considered the industry standard for new pool builds.

VSPs are not new – we have been installing them for years now. As pool operation technology has developed, and wide-ranging options and features have evolved, VSPs have proven to be the right pump for our builds.

Single Speed vs. Variable Speed – what’s the difference? Single-speed pumps have 2 settings: On or Off. They run at full speed on max flow when On, causing excess wear and tear on equipment. Single-speed pumps run limited hours to save energy, leaving stagnant uncirculated water in the pool when Off. On the other hand, variable speed pumps auto-regulate speed to keep flow constant, much like a programmable thermostat works. Variable speed pumps run considerably more hours per day but use much less energy to adjust for filter loads and maintain consistent flow.

So, what’s the fuss? The D.O.E. enacted new regulations, effective July 2021, that force manufacturers to produce only energy-efficient pool pumps. The main argument against the regs is, of course, none of us likes being told what to do. But that’s pretty much the only negative – so, what are the positives?

Benefits of a Variable Speed Pump (VSP):

Lower Energy Cost.  VSPs cost more upfront, but because they are hugely energy-efficient, monthly costs are greatly reduced. The pump pays for itself within a couple of years, so once you recoup the initial cost, the savings continue for the life of the pump. Folks with half the electric bill herald this as the greatest benefit of a VSP.

Quieter Operation.  A VSP is so quiet you barely hear it. Equipment near your master bedroom? No problem! Soothing, relaxing sounds of waterfalls instead of a humming pump? Nice! This benefit is greatly appreciated by folks who have moved from a house with an older pool and now enjoy and newer build.

Better Filtration.  Filters operate better at lower flow rates because dirt and debris are not driven deep into the media, which allows for more thorough cleaning. There is less deeply seated dirt than with a full-out single-speed pump. The filters work better and the pool equipment lasts longer because there is less strain on the system. 

Healthier Water Chemistry.   The VSP runs more hours each day and keeps the water cleaner and healthier due to increased circulation.

Optimal Flow.  VSP technology allows all your pool’s water features to work properly. A VSP creates optimal performance for multiple fountains, waterfalls, and features.

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